Friday, 9 September 2011

What to do when your skin quits on you

We've all been there. Sometimes our skin quits and you have a breakout on your hands.
Well that is where I'm at right now.
I am very blessed- throughout womanhood to present I have decent skin, its pretty clear then occasionally I get a HUMONGOUS SPOT somewhere inappropriate like the end of my nose.
(is there such thing as an inappropriate spot?)

I can deal with that...conceal it up...give it a few days and its gone.

But oh no right now were nearing epidemic between my eyebrows and above them my skin is so uneven and has been for about a week....don't panic I will not bore you with photos!

Its important you can identify what makes your skin quit. Mine are
Run down
New products
"that time of the" know THAT time

The products I use to aid my skin in replenishing itself back to its usual self don't hold any gimmicks or promise over night miracles, for me they just work and because I know we all want good skin I thought I would show them to you:

Yes...nappy cream!
Cheryl Cole has admitted to using it to help clear up her skin and frankly if its good enough for her it certainly is for me.
Sudocrem aids in reducing redness and swelling and dries up spots.
I usually apply this to my skin before bed.

Soap & Glory- Scrub Your Nose In It
This product aids in deep cleansing with little particles to rub into your face.
The smell as with most Soap and Glory products is amazing and it can also be used as a face mask if you leave it to set a further 3 minutes.

Nivea Refreshing Facial wash gel
This is for daily cleansing and I tend to rub it into my face in the mornings when in the shower.

I hope this is helpful. If anyone has any of their own secrets Id be happy to hear from you!

In Other news
I have taken the bold decision to opt for HD eyebrows, however this means walking round with crap eyebrows for the time being which I admit is agonising. I hate having crap eyebrows
I start my first ever pilates class Tuesday am.

Here is a sneek peak of the dress I am wearing to the races tomorrow:
Romantic and super feminine :)

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend!


  1. I Love Sudocrem- Been using it for donkeys years now! I love the look of your dress- I can't see all of it but I'm Jealous already! I Love your blog - New Follower! :D

    -Aimee- x

  2. I've never heard of using Sudocrem on spots-I'll def me giving it a go!
    I too am growing out my eyebrows for a HD treatment, and it is killing me! I might just sor them out and go for the treatment in a month or so lol! x

  3. ah iv been using sudo cream on mine recently x

  4. Cute dress, I know what you mean. Recently my skin has become very dry. Looking for the right products to help my skin.


  5. I've used sudo cream so much :) It's amazing. Nivea however broke me out :/ so I switched to LUSH skincare :)
    Lucy x

  6. Hey ladies thank you for your comments!

    @ Aimee- me too literally since I was a teen! Aw thanks :) Its only a baby at the moment!

    @ MakeupTheNight- Think im gonna book the consultation this week, its bloody hard having crap eyebrows. Its in the car mirror I can see how horrible they are! haha.

    @Kirstly b- literally always my go to!

    @BestOfPalmBeach- Ive seen lot of raves about origins products. May be worth a try Ive been hearing very good things about them!

    @Lucy I need more lush in my life. I think I may need to call on your experience in that dept! Im practically a lush virgin :/ xx