Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sundays Super Slobby-Chic OOTD

I'm not sure what you guys are all about on a Sunday. But if your anything like me the majority of my Sundays are spent hungover or occasionally refreshed and busying about sorting all those little things I put on the back burner over the week. I bought this little jumper a while ago in the Jack Wills sale but haven't worn it due to glorious weather in the Uk.....well that lasted long didn't it!
There were other colours available....if I'm honest I'm very tempted to make a second purchase!
I think the relaxed nature of this little jumper, its feel is kinda preppy and I also love the writing on the back....
(bit of a rubbish shot but you get the idea)

Ive also had a little play with my sleek palette
Accessories: a simple Juicy couture bracelet

Teamed with my good old stripey Toms!

Hope you've all had a cosy Sunday :)


  1. i love your jack wills jumper, you have really nice hair. xoxo

  2. You're beautiful :) and I loveee your hair! xx