Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Autumn Pretties

I know we are still in August. I am fully aware of that as I'm off to V FEST ON FRIDAY! :)
....packing however is not going well as deciding on what to wear, will I look good VS will I be warm seems to be a consistent argument.
However I cant help but compile a list of things I require to survive the Autumn/Winter. When I buy I want it to last several Winters OK! Its amused me because putting this together its dawned on me I am going to be a similar shade if I were to purchase them all. Compiling this requires glancing at the "saved for later" list on ASOS. Autumn also means Birthday in September so that on the whole makes it more bearable! Right....stop babbling...Here's my list:
Boots: River Island
Uggs: ASOS
Quilted jacket: Ebay!- Its an equestrian jacket. Much cheaper than purchasing from a clothing store but exact style/use.
Fiorelli Bag: ASOS- in Sale. Must buy Must Buy!!
Sparkly Shoes: Schuh. They are so beautiful. I'm thinking Christmas etc etc!
Michael Kors Watch: ASOS
Duffle Coat: Miss Selfridge

All very practical for once
What have you got your eye one at the moment?

I shall be back soon with V fest pictures! :)


  1. love the boots! I have them i wear them all the time :-)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  2. Hope v fest was good! i have the river island boots too! i literally live in them. Thanks for commenting back on my blog :) Your hair is soo nice! i think i might have to try the heated rollers! thanks for the tips :D i have written down what to do so i can try it out :) Thanks for following. It didn't look like i was following you but i am now :) xoxo

  3. Hope you had fun at V fest - I went last year and loved it, especially festival food lol I bet Rihanna was amazing! xx