Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A little ASOS Indulgence...

Whilst working night and day in two separate jobs currently to say I am tired is an understatement!! My bank balance is looking a little less healthy than usual but working so hard means I am due some sort of reward right? Well it was Monday this week I had a weak moment and treated myself to 3 dress. Yes that's right THREE. To justify ones actions they are in the ASOS sale. When I have received my little reward package I will throw up some pictures.
 (apologies for massively posey pic this is after a few gins!)

However I am still having a little love affair with a LBD (emphasis on the L!) which I have noticed is now in several different colours Link for £25.
When I chose black I was thinking it'd be more versatile. All seasons kinda number but I also am very tempted to purchase it in plum.

The reasons I like this dress:
Its a bit of a show stopper.
Because it is plain it makes it kinda timeless- It can be added to bright accessories or kept plain
However it is NOT recommended for fat days. Forget it!
Any ASOS recommendations?
Thanks for Reading :)

Liz xxxx

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