Friday, 15 March 2013

Lusting For Springtime Jumpers

Although it’s mid March and Easter bank holiday is rapidly approaching (hurrah!)  there’s still an undeniable chill in the air. I’m getting all excited for wearing pastels this springtime and eyeing up my Essie Candy Apple nail varnish in full preparation. My shopping splurge last weekend consisted of loads of soft springtime hues ….the only thing is alone they are rather chilly outfits and I didn’t think as far layering more like “ahh a spring dress perfect”, now I realised how flawed that was given the climate!
Ever heard of the expression “Don’t cast a clout until Mays out”?  Its only since I’ve been working a commutes worth away that I’ve come across all of these northern-isms I had never heard of before. In short this means don’t put all of your knits into storage until Mays in full swing and (hopefully) the accompanying joyous weather is in full bloom, (and isn’t this being proven right at the moment!) The thing is my knits are all grey and dismal colours and after donning them all winter the last thing I want to do is layer them over a pretty lace springtime dress. I always forget how chilly it can get particularly in the evenings so it’s always serves well to have a backup jumper at hand even in the summertime. I also have a cute sleeveless not-at-all-appropriate-unless-layered shirt style denim dress which looks adorable the collar and skirt peeping out of a jumper with a statement necklace.

I’ve been eyeing up some of New Look’s lightweight jumpers. There’s some really nice spring-appropriate colours. I’m really lusting the mint green and this cream heart stud jumper, their just so delicate and their shades are perfectly spring appropriate.  It goes without saying mint green was perhaps a little overdone last season but looks certain to be a trend that will come around again this season and its a colour I wish I had paid more attention to last colour as it is so flattering to all hair types/skin tones. Along with pastels I also think that neon knits and crochet are going to be seen a lot over S/S 2013. Mint green look so great layered up with other pastels or perhaps under my blush pink blazer with some skinnies, simples.

Are you going to be rocking jumpers over Spring/Summer?

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  1. That top green is so cute :)

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