Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Simple Statement Jewellery Loves.

Today I thought Id share some of the jewellery I have been really enjoying wearing recently.
I have mentioned time and time again I am a complete magpie especially when it comes to gold accessories....or gold at all for that matter.
The reason I like these pieces is that they are simple and most importantly inexpensive.

 Stud Knuckle Ring- Kukee

This stud knuckle ring is a complete statement piece. It immediately rocks up any outfit and adds some much needed detailing to the most simple ensemble. Its a very prominent nod to the spike and stud trend making it very current. Although slightly scary looking and perhaps something you may find from a rock shop by I personally love it and have worn this a lot on nights out.

Large Cross Earrings- Kukee
I have been loving these earrings. Their an exaggerated cross and although very simple in design are very statement especially when worn with an up doo.

ASOS Choker Necklace-ASOS
I wore this simple choker for my graduation. This necklace has the effect of quite simply finishing an outfit. Its sophisticated and simple...nuff said.

What jewellery pieces do you enjoy wearing?


  1. I bought some stuff from Kukee before, but I wasn't overly impressed and they sent my order twice, so that was a bit awkward! Your pieces look lovely though :)

    I actually went into Topshop today and they were having a huge jewellery sale and I managed to walk out without actually buying anything! Willpower :P

    http://alannahjadee.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  2. That ring is so cute! I'm wearing candy skull bracelets at the moment, anything with a peace sign on it, it's my favourite! xoxo


  3. Great items you've got