Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Hello everyone.
Can I say thank you to all of you who commented on my last post- its always a bit daunting posting pictures of yourself on the Internet....eeek.

I always count my blessings in my friendship group because I am one of an eight tight-knit girly friendship group comprising of seven other independent, ambitious, loyal women. These girls have been in my life for many years and they have seen me at my best and at my worst. Christmas time in such a large group however can be a very expensive affair so most years we choose secret Santa and set a budget. The irony is the whole "secret" bit doesn't always fair so well when in each others company of a weekend....but that's another post in itself.

This year the budget is £20 so I thought I would help you guys with some fun and Christmas-themed secret Santa presents.
I cant help but notice how snuggly most of these items are-it must my reaction to the recent vile weather.

I really do think there is something for everyone here and all are below £20, heck you could buy a few of these for below £20.

Do you do Secret Santa at Christmas time?


  1. I like the hot water bottle! :)
    www.LaurasHaven.com x

  2. I'm doing secret santa too with my friend and just like you said three of us spilled to each other who we had at the weekend, but we'll keep that bit quiet! Great post and some lovely gifts :)
    Frankie xx

  3. All amazing ideas! might buy them all for myself instead of buying them for others haha :P the jumper is mega cute!! xxxxx

  4. the Christmas jumper is gorgeous!


  5. Such cute ideas! We do a secret Santa every year in my family, it's so much fun! xx


  6. Great ideas! I love the LUSH star wand. I saw in LUSH that thy do a secret Santa wrapped present that's around £6


  7. The jumper is adorable, plus I love the phone case very Cath Kidson esk :-)