Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OOTD: I Told You It Was Transitional.

Hello All.
Its been a very mixed day hasn't it? Showers one moment sunshine the next.

Today I nipped to what I call the' cheapy shop's and explored a treasure trove of goodies. I was only after a basket but I was enticed by some other bargains while I was there. I then nipped to Starbucks with a friend of mine and we sat and chugged our 5 litres of Cappuccino and hot choc whilst nattering the afternoon away....please don't be persuaded into thinking this is my usual Wednesday afternoon, I assure you this is my week of freedom before turning that metaphorical page of in a new chapter in my working life (aka 'Big Girl Job').....eek!

The reasoning behind this title is I have worn this skirt in my last OOTD. It was the end of August and I was proclaiming how transitional the skirt was. Well here is the proof.  The ensemble is what I can only describe as Keep It Simple Stupid. My leather jacket and leggings keep me snug and warm whilst my scarf and skirt keep the outfit girly. Its also wonderfully comfortable.

You may have noticed I am completely embracing the vamp berry lip Autumn trend courtesy of Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in 260 Amethyst Shimmer with a light glossing from Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 108 No Regrets. My nails consist of a leopard print stickers from Primark. Now I applied these last night with very little hope they would last so long. I must admit I have really been enjoying them on my nails and at £1 I will bear them in mind for future nights out- theirs a great choice of designs and their fool proof to apply....bliss.

The scarf I'm wearing has much sentimental value as its from Ibiza. Anyone ever heard of Zoo Project? In essence its a party at an abandoned Zoo where all involved dress as animals. Much fun is to be had I promise.

What Im wearing:

Jacket: Topshop Boutique Via Ebay
Scarf: Ibiza, Similar Here
Grey Speckle Jersey Vest: Topshop
Grey Jesrsey Skirt: Topshop
Cross Pendant: Topshop

Hope your all enjoying your week- Its nearly Friday!


  1. Cute outfit, you really suit dark lips :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Great outfit!