Thursday, 6 September 2012

The XL Bun

Hey there chikas!
Today I'm reviewing a hair accessory I have been absolutely loving ever since it arrived.

Love BIG hair buns?
Well this HUGE bun ring enables you to achieve a statement glamour bun look.
Now let me just demonstrate how big this thing is.....

...yes below the bun ring my palm is actually stretched out here.

You Will Need
  1. Mahousive bun ring
  2. Clip in extensions depending on your hair length and thickness
  3. Hair tie
  4. Lots of bobby pins/grips
  5. Hairspray

How To Apply
  1. Place your hair in a pony tail 
  2. (if you have need more length and volume in your hair to make your bun super luscious add some clip in extensions. I got some cheap ones here) and put them into a pony tail
  3. Place the bun ring on the ponytail and pull all your hair through.
  4. Distribute the hair so the while of the bun ring is covered
  5. Pin into place......borrow nearby relative/friend to help with the back.
  6. Make secure as possible
  7. Blast with hairspray to hold and brush any lumps and bumps out of the main section of your hair.
  8. You should have something like this:

Que Instagram photie of me pre night out.
In case you wondered the Peplum dress is from River Island

I bought my bun in the size medium (yes they really do make them larger!)
from Sleep In Rollers for £10, they come in blonde, brown and black.

I find this such a quick but effective hairstyle. I must admit it does slip a little the longer it is in your hair so roping a friend in with initial pinning would be a great advantage. Other than that I adore it!

Would you consider wearing this hairstyle?


  1. "Today IMO reviewing a hair accessory I have been absolutely loving ever since it arrived."

    I thought IMO meant 'In My Opinion'!!! Opps, I've been writing it wrong!

  2. I've always wondered how you use these, wow looks fab :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. @ Ellie massive proof reading fail right there....thank god I was near my laptop! haha. Regardless thank you for reading :) xx

    @Sophierosehearts I cant stop wearing it now, its a must have xx

  4. I always use this for special occasions, it always looks so chic! :)

  5. I bought a hair doughnut but I can't for the life of me use it, so frustrating cos I really love how they look! x

  6. Love the look!



  7. Looks really good on you! :))


  8. Just beautiful! Really easy but looks so glam :)


  9. woah its huge.. and i LOVE it! will be purchasing one of these today :) x

    xtiffyxx - reviews, opinions & life

  10. Wow thats a big bun. I wish my hair was long enough for buns but it wont grown :(