Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Chore that is backcombing: A Review

Backcombing has been an art I have repeatedly tried and failed to master.
I think I'm scared to over backcomb and end up under backcombing.
The irritating bit about it is that backcombing when done properly can add volume and body to the hair. In epic proportions.

Below is my Youtube video review of the Denman Dress Out Brush.

I Find myself doing a lot of this:

Fearing I'm doing this:

I hope to be filming more now that I'm home and settled.
Please ignore my husky summer cold voice.

Get your Deman dress out brush here
Cheaper Ebay Alternative here

Do You like backcombing?
Any Tricks and hints appreciated!


  1. Hi! Love your blog:) Just found it today and i+m a new follower! Hope you can follow back my blog :) Kisses


  2. Looks brilliant, and your hair is gorgeous!xo

  3. Love your hair :) xxx


  4. Hey! I backcomb my hair most days and have done for years, and with bleached hair I find that it definitely doesn't help the condition! But with a proper bristle backcombing brush, you minimise damage and with deep conditioning every now and then I find that I don't really affect the condition of my hair too much :)

    Lovely blog! :D
    http://kittyaucontraire.blogspot.com :) xo