Saturday, 9 June 2012

To Cheap Shoe Or Not To Cheap Shoe?

Fashions throw away attitude has produced us with a stronger, more fashionable and reassuringly cheaper breed of shoe.
Produced at a rapid rate for a reasonable price.

But are they really worth your pennies, you get what you pay for right?

My shoe collection is an assortment of blacks and nudes varying in different styles.
With the purchasing of cheap shoes Ive been allowed to indulge in brighter shoe shades without the guilt.

Green Primark heels: £16
These are my most recent "cheap shoe purchase" and Ive had a lot of positive I-cant-believe-their-Primark based discussions. Green is everywhere at the moment this season. I wore these heels with this dress from River Island.
As much as they are beautiful they really do give your feet a pasting. Pain is beauty I suppose!

Ebay Black block Wedges: £10
I got these classic wedges with ankle strap from a friend who made an order from a seller over Ebay and received two pairs of shoes! So I purchased them from her for a steal price. Generally this style is available for £19.99. These are very comfortable and incredibly versatile. I realise this style is a love/hate affair but I personally love them!

Ebay Red Block Wedges: £19.99

I really am a cheap shoe lover. They give me the accessibility to different styles for a reasonable amount of money. Dont get me wrong these shoes will not have the longevity that the more up market shoe store giants offer. But they provide an instant shoe hit.
At the age of 22 I have to admit to stumbling about in the early hours on occassion so if my cheap shoes end up looking worse for wear I move on to a new pair. To keep in style they are worth the money, and offer a great comparible to the likes of Tophop...which can easily empty my bank balance.

Cheapy shoes I have on my lust list:
Glittery Wedges: £19.99
Coral wedges £19,99

Do you own many pairs of cheapy shoes?


  1. I love cheap shoes! My problem is that if I buy expensive shoes they invariably get trashed at a party, so cheap shoes is the only answer. One of my friends recently bought a pair of beautiful black suede heels which were trashed the first time she wore them! I have learned from her mistakes!

  2. I would much rather buy cheaper shoes anyday! not because I am a cheapskate! hahaha! But because you can get more for what you pay for....if you spend £300 on a pair of amazing heels, wear them out and scuff the leather or spill a cocktail all over them or someone stands on your foot, you would be gutted! But cheaper shoes can be replaced, and you can have loads more pairs! hahaha! I would be afraid to wear out a really expensive pair of shoes unless I was going somewhere I knew they weren't going to get ruined, but then you wouldnt get much wear out of them.... great post and you have some lovely reasonably priced shoes! xoxo

  3. Fab post liz!!

    I am defo one for cheap shoes ... that way there is no guilt about having so many!!!



  4. I love getting my shoes from eBay too, I know that they won't last forever but I don't think that they are awful either... the first pair of shoes I bought from eBay I have had for over a year now and they are still going strong!

    Frances xx

  5. I always go for cheaper shoes and Primark is great for them. Although with flats, I find H&M pumps much more durable and better quality than Primark for only a couple of pounds more x

  6. I like cheap shoes too. I have Kurt gieger ones I've ruined on nights out and it then annoys me what a waste of money it was xx

  7. The green heels are fab!

    Laura xo

  8. you have gorgeous shoes collection!
    and let's be real if you have lot's of shoes for example 'blue heels' you are going to wear 3-4 time in all month. so cheaper version it's better idea.
    although my friend just bought jimmy choo very high heels and they are sooo comfy, like amazing! :)


  9. I'm definitely all for cheap shoes especially when it comes to fashionable ones. Not much point spending a fortune on shoes that won't be in fashion in a few months time. The green Primark shoes are gorgeous! I love a good 'yes they really are from Primark' convo xx

  10. i just love shoes, expensive or cheap lol even second hand from vintage and charity shops!


  11. Thank you for your lush comment on our blog, as soon as I clicked onto yours I knew I was going to love it, especially after reading this post! I'm a cheap shoe lover, Primark make the best and after going through 7 pairs of their black brogues I eventually bought a decent pair as I knew it was worth the money! It's definitely better when you know they're only going to get ruined on a night out anyway :)
    Subscribing to you now for sure!

  12. All of these shoes are so pretty! Plus you got a great deal on all of them!

    Fashions on Top

  13. those green shoes look so highend! I will definalety join in saying that i cant believe they are from primark! love them and love a bargain evern more! x

  14. I like cheap shoes as long as they don't break, which hasn't happened just yet. I wouldn't go out and buy all the designer shoes because quite frankly my No7 addiction and lush take over my life ;) to me £80 shoes are bad enough and so I love it in sale times when they only have three's left ;)
    Lucy xx

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  16. Love your post and so agree with you for all us stylist fashionists on a budget you can get the latest trends at a fraction of the price and not feel guilty if you only where them once or twice!!
    Have a great time in Thailand look forward to your posts!! x

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  18. Love this post as often you see blogs are all based on expensive products but yours is great love it! Love the red wedges might need to pick them up myself

    My face mac lipstick is girl about town, such a gorge pink and great to set off your night time face for a night out! I read that it's one of your faves to.

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