Sunday, 8 April 2012

I Put Some New Shoes On And Suddently Eveything Is Right- Spring Shoes

I have never been a trainers person.
To me they always seemed too casual so I'd just avoid them altogether.
In fact the whole very casual shoes thing never appealed to me- I just seemed incapable of being able to make it work.

It was last summer Toms changed my perception of casual shoes- my god their comfy. The blue and white striped style seemed to go with everything and Ive enjoyed wearing them again for our brief but pleasant week of weather over March.

I'm actually playing pub golf today for my boyfriends birthday. In a desperate attempt to put together a decent but frivolous golfing outfit I found these beauts. At £3 from Primark I'm not viewing them as an investment- that'd be naive.
But as a self confessed trainer-hater they really grap me and I like how the baby pink edging adds femininity to a pattern which is stereotypically very masculine.

Shoes like this do pronounce me with an ethical dilemma. I try not buy in to "disposable fashion" too much. I personally prefer to invest in something with a long life other than something made this instance I'm hardly going to buy some flippin golf shoes though am I!?

They are quite simply a perfect Spring Pump
What are your opinions on disposable fashion?
Do you like Primarks Spring Range?


  1. aww Liz!!! these are awesome!! I've been looking for some striped shoes like this!!! loveee them :) xxx

  2. what a pretty pair of shoes! I 'm trying to find a pair like these!

  3. These are really cute :) x

  4. These are cute as! :)