Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dying To Be Blonde-Hair diaries

I have had caramel hair for around 2 years now.
My hair naturally is a very dark brown and Ive achieved my light brown hair by going for 'low maintenance' highlights every 5-6 months.
I can justify this as I can go so long between treatments and my hair has remained in a pretty good condition throughout.

I'm having that experience of being kind of bored now.
Ive toyed with the idea of red but I'm not sure I could cope with all the dry shampoo, cold water washes and lack of washing in general.
I'm also falling out of love with my extensions. Its been 3 years and every time Ive got new wefts they've been longer and longer. Although I love them curly, I love the volume and how they sit much better than my natural hair I'm longing for all of those updoos I cant do with the sheer weight of my extensions. I'm finding myself confined in my hair colour because I cant apply any bleach to them/find a hairdresser that will. Adding to all of this my roots were looking particularly vile.

So high offa all the Youtube 'ive just gone from black to platinum hair' videos like a woman possessed I went to Boots.

In all honestly the Jerome Russell B Blonde highlighting kit scared the shizz out of me. This woman on the front of the box resembles those European (usually slim) sickeningly tanned super blonde types you see on holiday.
(If you happen to be fitting this description I am incredibly jealous).

I bought the John Freida Colour renew Shampoo as it is a purple toned shampoo. My intentions with this was that any orange hairs could be cancelled out/toned down by the shampoo and probably was some sort of reassurance that if I totally ballsed up my hair it could be rectified.

Lastly the John Freida Sheer Blonde Conditioning treatment was part of the 3 for 2 offer at Boots. I knew my hair wouldn't exactly be grateful for the up and coming bleaching process so I plan to use this in the coming weeks as a kind of 'im sorry' to my hair


Its probably important to note that I have not had any dark dye on my hair for about 3 years. So the hair being treated is virgin hair (roots) and already bleached hair which was done about 3 months ago. No bleach was applied to my extensions only to my hair.


The Process
For those that aren't acquainted with the kit you have to wear a really attractive cap and pick hairs through so the hairs are separated in order to bleach. You will need a friend/mother to help get the hairs at the back of your head through the cap.

The product specifically says NOT to use if you already have highlights.
Well working on the principle I had pretty mighty roots and my hair hasn't had any bleach exposure for a relatively long amount of time I assumed (prayed) all would turn out OK.

My hair took to the bleach within the first 10 minutes. Being brave I kept it on for 20 when I was convinced there wasn't any brassyness. When washing my hair I applied the John Freida Shampoo Colour renew shampoo.

The Results
My hair is dryer than usual because of the bleaching process but I plan to give it some tender loving care over the coming weeks.
I'm really happy with the result- Ive certainly got some lift from using the bleach- I should have left it on a little longer but Id prefer to be cautious the first time rather than seriously damage my hair. The difference is subtle which I am happy about- I still want my natural hair to blend with my extensions.

 I love the added dimension Ive achieved using the bleach.
I may do this again in a month or so and lighten it again.
Whats satisfying is I achieved this at an incredibly low price £6.12 is hardly going to break the bank!

Do you have any product recommendations for blonde hair?


  1. It looks great! I use the Jerome Russell lighting kits for all over head bleaching but I love the multi-tonal look you've achieved with the highlighting. Was it really tedious pulling all the hairs through the cap? If I get it done in a salon it ends up taking two hours just to pull them all through!

  2. the blonde is looking really pretty and bright without being brassy! keep doing what you're doing cos its working!


    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. your hair looks amazing! xx

  4. Omg I used that bleach years ago and it looked a mess I ruined my hair, but yours looks fab, such a gorgeous blonde colour x x

  5. Wow, congrats on a successful bleaching experience! It looks fab :) x

    Lea x


  6. thanks for your blog comment lovely, glad you're now following - Are you using GFC? Just want to check it worked as been having a few issues with it :)

    Mel www.mediamarmalade.com xx

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous that colour!!! I know exactly what you mean though, i get so bored of my natural hair most of the time, but i'm too scared to dye it and go for a major change! Thanks for the comment on my blog- your style is so nice!