Thursday, 29 March 2012

OOTD Suns out- Legs out-Primark

Today is one of those ohhh my shizz I have so much to do days.
The purchasing of this dress is down to several weaknesses, 

Sitting and knowing these beautiful bits were in Primark resulted in a trip
-and with the weather this week I felt I owed it to myself to pick up some key pieces in order to be ready for spring.

I love this dress.
This is another of those transitional pieces, some wedges a bit of eyeliner and hell even a bandanna could retro up this dress to a whole other level and get you in gear for the evening.
Its denim-looking but it actually a lightweight cotton.
I love that its sleeveless and the button detailing. I'm not overly crazy about the belt but it'll do till I get round to picking up something I prefer.

The length of the dress is just above the knee, I am however 5"9 so it could come up a lot longer on you shorter ladies. The skirt pleats out a little making it super feminine.

My hair is just kinda 'meh' today but I do like how a plait can make you come over all girly.
I have my beloved Rimmel Nail Varnish (Sky High) I am a little obsessed with this greeny colour at the moment.

Oh and the good bit this dress is £10 from Primark
and I literally picked it up Wednesday so get yourself down there.

I'm still considering doing a haul on the other bits I got, anyone like to see?
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


  1. Love this dress I have just posted a Primark haul, didn't see this though other wise I would have snapped it up. You look lovely :) x

  2. This is a lovely dress. Would love to see a primark haul! xo

  3. That is a gorgeous dress, love the colour x

  4. The dress is gorgeous and i wish my hair looked like that when my hair is on a 'meh' day!! its soo nice! And we'd love to see a haul :)
    xxx Lucy

  5. You look fab in that dress! Definately think it goes well with a belt but im sure you can find on which is nicer, i have tons of those free belts you get and they are just... cheap looking! It looks perfect for when it gets warm again, considering getting myself one now!xx

  6. Oooh I love that dress, I have two other similar ones in other colours but for £10 I could justify a pretty blue one!

  7. That dress is lovely and I really didn't think it looked like a Primark dress!! I'm about the same height as you - mayble slightly taller - do you find you have problems purchasing dresses length wise? Some don't even cover my bottom :(

  8. Love your hair like this.. it looks amazing! I have just found your blog and I love it! xxx