Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 Heres To A Year Of Versatility OOTD

To my lovely subscribers and followers Happy New Year!
I have decided to dub 2012 the year of versatility
Rather than tell you I want a big girl job, I aspire to be fitter, to graduate, to catch up with that list of old friends as long as my arm bore bore bore.... this is my fashion resolution
To Be more versatile with my fashion choices
I choose to blog about this because this appeals to women across the board despite their financial status, their level of fashion self awareness, or where they shop.
Whether you like fashion or not at some point you are making fashion choices.

Before I start let me assure you I have made some of those "in style" purchases that were SO now when I bought them only to ever wear them once and consequently sell it on Ebay to someone in the Ukraine for £3.
Bandage dresses you remember those?
Let me refresh your mind..
I actually shiver remembering this!

Its all about shopping and keeping in mind what you want this item for.
If its for an evening can it be dressed down and worn daytime too?
And vice versa.
Is the item seasonal...are you really going to get good wear out of it?

Here is a dress my lovely boyfriend bought be for Christmas.
I know this shape is particularly favourable at the moment but I view it as timeless.
The dress is from Topshop at £45
Purple is my favourite colour.
Ive worn my dress with leopard leggings. I got them from Ebay for £10 and I love to wear them with a top and heels for evenings, and under plain dresses or jumpers for A/W.
Accessories: Michel Kors Watch, Pandora bracelet, heart necklace
I love the dresses structure and how you can wear it with bare legs tights or leggings.
For evening it can be glammed with a statement necklace or earrings.
For daytime and because my super long extensions sometimes overwhelm me with upkeep I wear this dress with a ballerina bun
Up or down this dress is truly transitional.

The key to versatility is 
  • Accessorising appropriately for the occasion (jewellery, lipstick, handbag)
  • Investing in pieces that you can revisit again and again
  • Not always going with the flow. Because everyone is wearing it now does it mean they will in a years time? Will you?
Fool Proof versatility:

  • Leather
  • Leopard print
  • LBDs
  • Denim
  • Studs
  • Blazers
  • Classic MAC style coats

I'm not saying I am any sort of versatility Angel, I aspire to be one! I know right now I have outfits and items of clothes that have only ever had one outing and are hanging there in anticipation..literally!

So here's to a fulfilling year one and all, a year of versatility
Best Wishes


  1. LOVE this dress, looks so nice on you :)! Bandage dresses were such a good idea, then whenever you had one of those "I feel like crap days" wearing one would definitely not help! xxx

  2. Absolutely love both of these dresses; fabulous :) And you look stunning too :) x

  3. I love this dress, it's looks gorgeous on you! You look great :)

  4. cute stuff :D that bandage dress is gorgeous. wished u had put a picture of u wearing it :D

  5. You look so pretty and that dress is gorgeous! I agree with you on versatility! I have so many items in my wardrobe that are literally 'one occassion dresses' definitely need to invest in some more statement pieces! ;) Xx

  6. I love this post!! And Happy new year :) The purple dress is really nice.
    I gave you an award.
    details here-

  7. Gorgeous dress, really suits you! I love the way you write, I feel like I'm reading a great book when I read your posts & usually I hate books but I love your style or writing! :)

  8. Ahhhh bandage dresses. I've got one of those hanging in my cupboard hoping that one day I'll like it again... That Topshop dress looks great on you and the colour really suits you!

  9. I absolutely love both of your dresses! Great post!(:

  10. Lovely dress! And Happy New Year! Versatility is a great word for the new year. ;)

    xx Jessica

  11. Great post love! Its all about accessorising! Love your outfit :)


  12. Love the dress paired with leopard print leggings. They look so good together, but I would never have thought to pair them up! I need to get experimenting lol xx

  13. That dress is so cute! I totally I agree with you on versatility. I have been trying to incorporate that more into my wardrobe too!

    Gabby xx

  14. I really wanted one of those wrap dresses, but I knew I'd rarely wear it unless I was feeling particularly slim that day! And I love the burgandy dress you're wearing.
    Versatility is definitely a good word for the new year!

  15. I love the leopard print leggings! cant beat a bit of leopard print :-)

    I found you on the blog hop and am now following! please check out my blog too!

  16. I'm vowing to be more versatile as well. Loving both dresses!

  17. I adore that dress with the leopard print leggings/tights. You look gorgeous, love!