Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Hair secrets: European Weave

Hello there bloggers!
This post is in response to complements I have received from some of my followers.

Firstly may I say a huge huge thank you.
Ive never received any complements about my hair before!

I honestly think anybody can achieve hot hair. Growing up when everyone was avidly straightening their hair (me included) I could never get my locks to obey.
They would flick out and Id always loose the poker straight look before boarding the bus never mind arriving to my first class!!....Nothing has changed my hair type is exactly the same.
Ive just wised up on how to manage it better.

So my no1 massive cheat is I have a European weave in my hair.
I have had European extensions for just over 2 years now. 
I have had different lengths, colours.

I have two rows in my hair that look like this:
(Ref: Google images)

So the two miniture cornrows have hair strips sewn into them.
Effectively the cornrows grow out and I have my weave tightened every 8-10 weeks.

The reason I have a weave:
My weave gives me extra length, thickness and volume in my hair.
The hair is very malleable. It pretty much stays put when heat followed by hairspray is applied to it, this is because it is chemically treated.

Different hair types of weave:
Straight or Curly. Mine is straight. 

My weave length:
22" it is probably about 20" at the moment due to it being trimmed over a period of time

Looks I can achieve with my weave:
Straight: My hair sits much better over extensions. Run the straighteners over it and its done BAM!

Loose waves: Apply heated rollers before applying make up then remover after you've finished your application. Shake the curls out for a softer look
More defined curls: Keep heated rollers in for as long as possible. 
(I have been known to wear mine on a 4 hour long car journey to a night out in Newcastle!)
After, shake and spray for hold.

Natural: This usually involves plaiting my hair before bed and pulling it over to one side in the morning.
(This was used in the crazy humidity of Thailand while I was there for 5 weeks May-July this year!)

In my experience a new weave will last about 8-12months.
The weave thins overtime and round about the 8 month mark you will start to yearn for the thickness you originally had when you originally bought it!

Due to the nature of my work I get my weave for significantly cheaper.
However my first weave was around £270 for 20"
This does not include an additional £40 every 2 months to have the weave tightened.
 Prices do vary however.

I understand this is very pricey! But if you are a regular clip-in extensions wearer (which I certainly was!) This takes an awful lot of hassle with faffing as you treat the weave like your own hair. It is a brilliant investment.

Other barnet tricks: After travelling with a friend for 5 weeks she gave me some advice.
Don't over brush your hair!
Brushing for me personally=FLUFFY!
If I am removing a plait from my hair I simply run my fingers through it.

Serum is your friend!
My fabourite is Tigi Afterparty. 

DO NOT EVER backcomb extensions
Trust me clip in or weave you have to be super gentle or you will ruin them completely
Heat detox dry hair
My hair has had 9 heat free weeks over summer. Trust me it ll give it new life.

Hair Masques work wonders!

I hope that helps with anything you wanted answering.
If you have any further questions please contact me
Laters bloggers!


  1. Great Post. You are making me want to get a weave now. It looks so natural. x

  2. love the curls on you.following you now.please follow back if you like my blog.i'd appreciate that very much.:)

  3. @Katie Ah I am an absolute addict! Cant reccommend enough!

    @ Aw thanks I am now :) xxx

  4. great post! i am addicted to my hot rollers :)
    check out my giveaway xxx

  5. I'm dying to get extensions too. My hair takes forever to grow!

  6. @Sarah Ahh honestly they save me so much time! xx

    @ Nur -My hair dresser said all women wearing extentions are like addicts they just keep coming back. At the time i thought yeah whatever, 2 years down the line and I AM one of those addicts. My hair is still the same length its crazy! xx

  7. ahhhhhh so this is your secret. Very nice. I've always wanted to get extensions... better save my pennies if I want my hair to be as lush as yours!