Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hair Disasters, Sunday Insprirations, Chills and NOTD

Being ill and stuff its not been an overly productive day. However yesterday I did go on a semi-huge shopping trip and purchased myself amongst other things the Chanel Pro Lumiere. Wow. It is brilliant! Ive been after a dewy look and this foundation certainly aids in achieving that. I'm not going to bore you with what the bottle looks like as I know this product has been reviewed up teen times. I plan to use the foundation for nights out. At £33 a bottle its got a place in my heart but it hurt the bank balance!

I was flicking through the latest ASOS mag and stumbled upon this...
I love the blazer/jumper combo!
& hat
& boots
Filled with inspiration I purchased a camel blazer from H&M. Its pretty edgy for my tastes but I love it. I'm sure ill follow with it in OOTD's soon! Also bought a felt trilby <3 Just need to get a lighter shade jumper...

On to THE HAIR INCIDENT. Well. I used the John Freida lightening spray about a week ago and got no results. For those of you that aren't aware of the spray it is a "gradual lightener" and is heat activated (dryer & straighteners suggested. You spray it on when damp. I was more interested in lightening my hairline and roots to save having to pop to the salon. But after one application I saw little change. Something came over me so I did all the top section of my head...This is the result
I cant quite figure if I'm ginger or lighter brown. This is in direct light but when its darker it is certainly less glowy. Either way I'm leaving it for a few days to decide if I like it or should fiddle a little more :/

I currently have "sensible nails". I am usually bright pink/red and over the summer have used a lot of oranges. At the moment I have "smoky brown" by Elf. I guess I like it cause its super neutral and goes with a lot of the A/W ensembles I have been buying/wearing.
The application is pretty crappy I do apologise but you get the gist.

Wishing you all a super chilled Sunday


  1. Love the nail polish! :)
    Lucy x

  2. Love Chanel foundations but have yet to try Pro Lumiere, i'm in love with Vita Lumiere Aqua! Also love the colour of the nail polish! :)


  3. I loveee that nail colour! Can't wait to see your blazer. My asos magazine has stopped coming in the post now! so annoying! Will let you know when i post a picture of my new blazer :) xoxo

  4. Great post!
    I love the ASOS jacket and jumper combo too! New Look have some really nice pale knit jumpers, if you are looking for any! :)

  5. Great Blog. Am sooo jealous of your hair. x

  6. ladies thank you for your comments :)
    @LucyLou- thank you a reccommended A/W colour I think

    @Zara I think you should be named chanel queen. I envy your beautiful make-up collection. I want more chanel in my life!

    @ Lucy- I need to get a wiggle on and get some pics up!

    @Dolly Daydream- Thank you, I will certainly check that out. ASOS mag= awfal temptation!

    @Katie- thank you! Its not all my own. I have a european weave. I really should write a post about it.

    Thank you for your support ladies

  7. enjoyed reading your posts and following your blog now!


  8. That would be a good post. x