Monday, 11 March 2013

Where Have You Been?

So what have I been up to lately...?

Working 45 hours a week and training to run a half marathon has made life pretty hectic. I am so thankful that its getting lighter outside because this means I will be able to road run on week nights.

Progress so far is going well, my run app indicates I have ran a total of 26 road miles since the beginning of February and my longest runs are two sets of 7 mile runs. My poor feet are getting a bit tired now so I tend to aim for one big run a week and two little runs in the gym if at all possible in the week. I'm working out 3-4 times a week at the moment and weirdly really enjoying it. On top of my half marathon I am going to enter for a 10K run at the start of April to give me an experience of running at an event and of course raise some money for charity.

I have been pretty awful at setting up a Just giving page at present, in fact I did it today in the office link but I have some fundraiser ideas involving a weekend full of baking in order to raise some sponsorship for Dementia UK.

All this running really has toned me up and my boyfriend even commented that  I "looked good" the other week which is remarkable as sometimes I'm sure if I wore an alien head he wouldn't notice....god love him.


On top of this I have a million and one things to save for:

My dads birthday- March
    My boyfriends birthday- April
    My brother birthday- April
    Car tax-May
    Car Insurance- July

    Holiday of a lifetime involving 6 weeks travelling Asia- May-July
I was awfully naughty at the weekend and went shopping in a foul mood and spent a lot of money that I HADNT budgeted for. Although I'm kicking myself  I now have a spring ready wardrobe and this has been my first big shop since last year which for me in itself is an achievement. Most of the items I bought are for holiday so I'm kind of writing it off as an "essential shopping trip".....say what you like retail therapy works!

I have a little note pad in which I have written down all of the above things I need to save for and a guideline of how I'm going to do it. Saving setbacks happen and I haven't put myself in debt or in a position where I wont be able to save for all of the above things so my little hiccup is partially justified in my mind!

All in all I cant wait for the weather to heat up a little more and its only 10 weeks until I go to Asia for 6 weeks, I'm super busy but feeling really positive about whats around the corner.

What are your current goals?


  1. Asia for 6 weeks! Wow sounds amazing. Car insurance is just one of those things I hate saving for since I pay in 6 month incriments.

  2. Brill post and I'll certainly keep my beady eyes peeled on the roads!



  3. Good luck with your goals!!

    I have a holiday, few girly city breaks and debt to pay for this year!! Fingers crossed with it lol.