Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Festival Dreaming

Hello beauts, its been a full on weekend.
Theres been about 2 foot of snow fallen over the last few days resulting in a day off work Friday and some strenuous snow shifting. This morning was spent clearing all of our drive and our road and it was back breaking work. Along with that I have baking all afternoon in order to fund raise for the half marathon I'm running in May for Dementia UK.

Anywhoo the other week I was in a foul mood and confided myself with some much needed retail therapy. I got some wonderful things (none of which are geared towards snowy weather). One of them was a tassel bag which I think is going to work perfectly for me during festival season. 

Now I know that seems like a dream away but with buying my V festival ticket I am really looking forward to the festival season (minus the disgusting toilets!)

I love the suede design of this bag, its a good size to take more than your essentials, the strap is handy and adjustable and I love the statement of the tassels. Even better it was £8 from Primark! Perfectly bargainous.

I remember when I went to my first festival I thought "what on earth do I wear?"

My recommendations:
Before hand check the weather forecast
Even if its sunny always take a pack a mac even a thin one

Here's how I plan to style this bag:

I got the dress very recently from Missguided. It just screams festival, I'm also looking forward to getting good use of it in the summer, I think it ll look great with tanned skin.
Ive had my pink hunters for about 2 years, I bought them from ebay and they have been one of the best footwear purchases I have ever made. Living in the country it pays to have some wellies in the boot of my car. I can safely say wearing Hunters all day will cushion your feet rather than give you sore blisters. Not only are they a fashion statement but highly practical- worth the splurge.

Of course I shall have a jacket to hand, I bought an equestrian jacket similar to this a while back and its a great practical jacket for keeping your core warm even in the depths of winter or a chilly summers evening.

What do you usually wear to a festival?


  1. The bag is fab! Love it and I love how you're planning on styling it! It looks like the perfect festival look! ((:

  2. OOOOO you have read my mind i am going to v festival for the first time this year and i have nooooo idea at all what to wear!!


    Little Miss Speeds World

  3. That bag is gorgeous! Perfect festival vibes!! I can't believe it's from Primark as well, I'll definitely be getting one of these, it looks kinda vintage and cool!
    Eleanor x


  4. That bags lovey :)

  5. Hi Liz, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris