Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentines Gift Ideas For Him

Valentines day is a tricky one.
Your Facebook feed every year will be an indicator of those that take V day very seriously, and alternately those that would quite happily ignore it.

I have been with my man for five years and to this day I have the Me To You bear he bought me on our first Valentines day to my right as I type. Now we laugh about how he almost fell over on hearing the price when reaching the till and begrudging paid as there was a family friend in the same queue, as you can imagine I was thrilled with my present. These days V day is a bit more of a low key affair and to be honest it doesn't bother me all that much, but I know some find it very difficult in deciding what to buy/do. My advice, keep it simple!

What are your Valentines plans this year?


  1. No boyfriend this year but those novelty love notes are always a fun gift lol! This year me and my single friend are going for a steak dinner :)


  2. My husband and I recognize Valentines day but don't go all out celebrating it. We use our anniversary to go all out! Valentines day will probably consist of a nice meal at home and hanging out. Even though he knows I'm not a big fan of the day (I never was) he still gets me flowers :). That Michael Kors watch could make me change my mind about V-Day though ;)

  3. I love the 'Love Note' idea, it's sweet and sentimental. My boyfriend and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day because our Anniversary is only 2 months afterwards so we do that instead but I always get him practical things that he wants but won't buy himself. This year it will be an electric razor because he's just joined the Air Force and needs to be clean shaven. He loves luxury items that he wouldn't think of himself!

    X Bridget