Saturday, 2 February 2013

Vita Liberata- A 3 Week Tan?

When I read about the Vita Liberata range I was very Intrigued.
It goes without saying I love fake tan and I have in the past reviewed 

Fake tanning is a necessary evil and the more blonde I have become the more I have needed that little bit of extra colour so not to wash me out.

Vita Liberata PHenominal 2-3 week tan sounded just brilliant - I mean fancy a  fake tan lasting 2-3 weeks? It just seemed like the perfect convenience to my hectic mon-fri life.

  • Firstly the formula is completely unscented, so much so I could sneak it on before work and let develop throughout the day.
  • The colour is deep enough to deliver a glow but subtle enough to pass the "could be her real skin colouring" test...especially for January.

The  issues I have with this tan is the amount of product for the price is bordering on ridiculous. I bought my bottle from Boots during Christmas time for £25.99 on offer. But standard price is £37.49 for a measly 125ml in Boots.

This is steep compared to a 240ml of St Tropez fake tan for £30.49
200ml of Famous Daves for £28.99
(and this is before shopping around at the likes of Feel Unique!)
.........See where I'm going with this?
I realise there are cheaper alternatives but I tend to get 4-5 months usage from a bottle 200-240ml wheas with the Vita Liberata it is the end of January and I am already running low.

Secondary to the price in order to get the full 2-3 week tan experience you are required to apply the product 3 times.....have I already mentioned my LACK OF TIME!?
Quite honestly any of the fake tan giants could put the 2-3 tan claim after 3 full applications couldnt they?
To summarise: I really think this product would work really well on pale skin and would accommodate well as a pre-holiday base before seeking some sun in warmer climbs, but unfortunately I think it is over-priced and demands too much planning and effort. I find it enough applying fake tan once in a week never mind on 3 separate occasions. A good product with regards to being frangrance free and a good colout but I don't think it will suit everybody.

Have you tried Vita Liberata PHeominal 2-3 week tan?

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  1. I haven't tried this tan from Vita Liberata and judging by the price for the quantity I won't be doing so any time soon! I didn't realise it needed 3 applications to last 2-3 weeks either, as you said, most brands could make the same claim! I thought it was going to be some sort of 'wonder tan' that lasted that long from one application.... x