Thursday, 24 January 2013

January Lusts

January is always a little pants, to keep myself sunny I have thrown myself into work and working out. The week has literally flashed by. I have my summer plans pretty much cemented in the form of a 7 week adventure with my man travelling Malaysia and Thailand, and I am so exited!
It will be my third time to South East Asia and each trip is nothing short of a love affair.

Unfortunately being an "independent woman doing it for herself" these things don't pay for themselves so I am being even more careful than usual, but that doesn't mean I cant look right.

Below are a list of little things I will almost certainly purchase this year but cant justify to myself at this very moment. Do let me know what takes your fancy....!

  1. Its been snowing for days now and getting up for work in the cold is becoming a drag. With the weather being as chilly as it’s been it seems a no-brainer to invest in this onsie. It looks so cosy and the perfect item to keep warm around the house of a weekend drinking tea and blogging. Burgundy is still really doing it for me over Autumn/Winter but the Ebay buyer has a range of different colours available.
  2. It was looking at Victoria’s (VIPXO) post that these really grabbed my attention. I really like the idea of a luxury pair of flats and I love the Vivienne Westwood logo on the toes. If I were to treat myself these shoes would certainly be the first port of call.
  3. Now this is an item I am DYING to get my hands on but it is out of stock EVERYWHERE. After days of stalking the MAC website I am yet to see Stereo Rose in stock. Stereo rose is an MSF that gets a lot of positive press and I would love to get my hands on this.
  4. Before Christmas I had a mini spend in the Yankee store and after agonising over whether to purchase a jar or a few minis, I got myself a few Christmassy minis. Vanilla cupcake is such a sweet scent and I get completely caught up in its deliciousness. There’s nothing better than lighting a sweet smelling candle on a cold winters evening.
  5. Ever since I saw Rhianna head to toe in Boy London on Jonathan Ross over a year ago I have wanted one of their vests. Completely inappropriate unless under a multitude of layers in the current climate I anticipate purchasing myself one of these over the Spring/Summer months, I really like the edginess and simplicity of Coy London’s brand.
  6. After nothing but love for Benefit’s Hoola I would really like to try Nars’ Laguna. I have heard nothing but good reviews on this bronzer as a contour colour and have read a multitude of reviews proclaiming these as comparable. I have a few Nars products and despite the initial price tag I really like the quality of the brand. There’s nothing better than giving washed out pale skin a kick with a sweep of bronzer of a morning!
What are you lusting after?


  1. Great post! I am lusting over stereo rose too!
    Also I have Benefit Hoola and Nars Laguna, love them both! xx

  2. Gorgeous picks, I love all the beauty bits, and I'm always wanting more Yankee candles. The VW shoes are amazing too! xo

  3. that onesie looks sooo cozy! im lusting over stero rose aswell it looks so pretty! x

  4. I really want to try NARS Laguna! Great wishlist :)

    Http:// xxx

  5. Want number 2, 4 and 5! I've been wanting a Boy London top for ages as well!

  6. I said 'oooh' out loud when I saw this post. You have the same sort of style as me & i'm lusting for everything you have listed here - can't seem to bring myself to buy a £45 BOY LONDON vest though (not just yet anyway) haha!


  7. i want a BOY LONDON tee or top so bad as well! :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  8. loving no.2 and 5! I'm currently trying to book time off for an exotic travelling holiday soon...thailand is high up on my list!

    I'm really lusting after the macadamia hair mask at the moment and some eye make up brushes as mine are worn out!

  9. Guess which one of your BFF's lives in Canada (home of MAC cosmetics) ..!

  10. did u get ur hands on stereo rose? i found a near dupe and posted it on my blog... try new cid cosmetics iglow in coral crush if u didn't get it :) xxx