Monday, 5 November 2012

Models Own Wonderland Collection

Its rarely that I ever get excited about nail fact the last time I did get excited about nail varnish was when I purchased OPIs Best Of The Best collection a similar time last year.

This assortment of polish enables you to plaster your nails in every size and shape of glitter Christmas ever thought of. Whats wonderful about the collection is it offers everything from the boldest brightest sparkle to the office appropriate nod to the glitter trend. There really is something for everyone

Blizzard does exactly what it says on the tin. 
This beaut offers huge hexadecimal flecks of glitter in a rainbow of sparkle. I have this generously applied to my toes and love the effect...its going to be hell to remove but for now I am transfixed by my super sparkly toes.

Snowflake is much more gentler than the brash Blizzard.
It consists of beautiful gold chunks of glitter in different shapes ans sizes. It is much more subtle and gets a huge thumbs up from a gold lover like me.

Southern lights really gets me going.
If I were to suggest only one shade from this collection it would have to be this colour.
Its beautifully buildable whether it be a slight sparkle of packed on party shimmer this really does it for me. I love its multi coloured sparkle and have been enjoying this a lot as a ring finger contrast colour-simply beautiful.

Northern lights a pink version, exactly the same principle and iridescencey and will really attract the pink loving bloggers, its really worth checking out.

With the cutest name- Jack frost is another beautiful gold based glitter.
It has a gorgeous green glint in the flecks and looks brilliant over a nude nail. I have been wearing it over Essie Ballet Slippers and it looks great.

This collection is available on the Models Own website at 
£20 I do think it is a little pricey and I did feel a bit guilty on splurging so much on nail varnish but I really think I will get a lot of use of these colours on the run up to the party season and I do think they are a very special set.

Boots are running buy one get one half price-worth a peek!

Which is your favourite pick from the collection?


  1. This totally brings out the girliest side in me that squeals at the prettiness!

    x Joanna @ The Treasure Chest

  2. Those are gorgeous polishes. I love a glitter polish! I cant always wear them but they are a magnet for my collection... xx

  3. I want this collection so bad :D i think it's absolutely stunning and i'm a sucker for anything glittery :3


  4. I adore this collection, got it last week as a birthday present. Southern lights is my favourite shade and am currently wearing it on my ring finger too :) will get lots of use out of them all this party season.

    Great post :)



  5. i love the look of snowflake! :) x

  6. I've been meaning to buy both Northern & Southern Lights for a while, but now I've seen this and they all sound so lovely I want the whole collection! Uh oh lol xx

  7. Hi Liz, just started following your blog, it's so cute by the way! I saw this collection by Models Own and instantly fell in love, it's the first thing I've seen that's made me feel festive! I am deffo going to buy this set! xoxo

  8. I saw this collection in Boots the other day and I instantly fell in love. Great review lovely. I think I need to buy the whole set xx

  9. Wow I adore this range it's so pretty! Snowflake is just beautiful!


  10. Oh my god they are beautiful! *Clicks on to the Models Own website*

  11. So cute! Love the sprinkles



  12. I love Model's own, they're such a good brand. So sad I missed out on the 50% sale
    Daniella x

  13. I'm literally in love with northern lights!!! Xxx

  14. Love all those ModelsOwn colours!


  15. Love this please check out my blog having a giveaway when I get 100 followers xoxo

  16. Love this post, if they weren't so expensive I'd buy the whole collection!
    Frankie xx