Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Importance Of Setting Goals

Im back!
Well hasn't life just taken over the last few weeks. Ive been in a pool of exhaustion trying to figure out some sort of routine after years of working sporadically its like reality has just about caught up with me.

Through the two weeks since I last blogged I have really enjoyed getting into a routine of exercising again. Especially now I work in an office I'm not really all that used to sitting still for so long.

Exercise is something I have a love/hate relationship with. I love reaping the benefits but sometimes loathe the process itself. I surrendered to the fact long ago that I will never be one of these super fit keen types, but I think its important to establish a sustainable pattern of behaviour in my 20s- a foundation of basis to reference throughout my life.....(she says). 

Growing up exercise was never really top of the list in my family. My dad is and always has been clinically obese and has a very complicated relationship with food. My poor mother has battled to help him loose weight but has never succeeded. Don't get me wrong theres been times he has been very successful in weight loss but sadly I don't think he is ever going to be featured as one of those radical weight loss success stories. My mother alternately is relatively slim but is incredibly critical on herself- something sadly I think she has passed on in elements to me.

Its a combination of factors that motivate me to exercise.
  • I don't aim to loose any weight- rather to tone up and stay fit.
  • I'm glaringly aware that in the next few years my metabolism is going to slow down. I love food and want to continue to eat as I wish with regular exercise. 
  • It goes without saying exercising is a great stress buster.

The only problem in all of this is how is it possible to keep up attending the gym and stay motivated?

Ive decided the end of  next year I would like to run a half marathon for charity.
Running up to it (phaha pun) I am plan to train and enter myself into a 5K and 10K run beforehand.-Writing it on my blog kind of cements it rather than just being a promise Ive made to myself or told my family about.

I am blessed because I am usually always at the gym with friends and this incentives me keep the same commitment every week. As well as that I have a good friend who has ran the Great North Run twice and will be my outdoor running guru...when we get around to it as its probably the worst time of year to run when your signed onto the 9-5.

I keep myself motivated out of the gym by reading exercise blogs, watching YT videos addressing fitness and staying healthy. I also keep my IPhone playlists regularly updated so I am motivated in the gym.

So there you have it- a personal post from me back on AOG- Ive missed blogging a lot while Ive been away. Ill catch you all soon have a great week.

What do you do to keep motivated to exercise?


  1. Great post, I am desperate to get back into more regular exercise but I absolutely loathe running. I am trying to think of alternatives that are free and easy so if you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them!

    Jo xo

  2. Great post, I needed this to be honest! I hope the charity run goes well



  3. I also have a love/ hate relationship with exercise. Also, I work really long hours so I'm finding it difficult to fit it in!
    Good luck with your training x

  4. Great post! I am a keen fitness type person & I love running. I ran the Bath Half Marathon in March this year. If you need some motivation feel free to hop on over to my blog & have a look at my fitness posts! It's great that you have people to train with - I trained and run by myself, that alone takes great self motivation! xx

  5. Really nice post. I have just came back from holiday with the intention to get back into exercise but I find it so hard to find time and money for the gym it self. Great tips for motivation though! x

  6. This is a great post. I have recently gotten back into an exercise routine myself. I feel so much better now with regular workouts.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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