Sunday, 7 October 2012

Jeffrey Campbell I Think I Love You.

Theres no love like shoe love...except discounted shoe love.
Office have been selling a range of Jeffrey Campbell shoes at lower than half price.
I have fancied myself some JCs for probably a year but always thought Id settle for some glitzy dupes. I do love Missguided's offerings.

But at £50 I settled on a burgundy pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

I have mentioned previously in To Cheap Shoe Or Not To Cheap Shoe my need to branch out to shades other than the classics cream, black and browns. I really fell for this particular shade because its huge for Autumn/Winter and I plan for get full use of them over the coming months. I think these babies will certainly serve a purpose if theres any festive fancy dress to be had in the near future.

The platform of these shoes makes them remarkably comfortable, and I cant wait to don some pretty frilly ankle socks to wear these with a dress or with disco pants in a more casual look.

Have a look at the Office Jeffrey Campbell selection here

What do you think of Litas would you wear them?

I hit 800 Followers last week. Can  I send you all a heart felt thanks to all of you that regularly read my blog and take their time to comment. When I set out I didn't ever envisage that anyone would be interested in the things I write thank you so much.

I'm scheming about a little giveaway soon so please stay posted.

I start my new job tomorrow I am terrified, excited all in one go. I hope everything goes OK tomorrow!...fingers crossed.

I also aim to get another YT video up this week too.


  1. I love those shoes :) I'd wear them! And as for fancy dress, there's always Halloween ;) x

  2. Good luck for your new job tomorrow! I love these shoes! Great colour for Autumn too xx

  3. Well done with the new job, the shoes are lush

  4. ahhh these are amazing!! I need them! burgundy is my fave colour at the minute... so festive! Good luck tomorrow :) xx

  5. i'm in love. those shoes are beyond fab!


  6. I can't believe Office were selling them for so cheap! The burgundy colour have sold out now :( they look gorgeous though :)

    I found you on the #bbloggers bloghop & I'm now following you on GFC, take a look at my blog & follow back if you like :)



  7. I'm in love with these!! especially the colour xx

  8. These are seriously beautiful, i doubt I'd be able to pull them off though!

    Jo xo

  9. WOW those shoes are amazing, the colour is gorgeous :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  10. They are GORGEOUS!! Looking at the website now ..... good luck tomorrow x

  11. Just found your blog on bbloggers, the name is good, really stands out! And loving the shoes! Following:)


  12. Love these shoes, saw them posted on your instagram earlier. The colour is amazing and they will look lovely as you say with some cute ankle socks. I want these shoes in my life too lol xx

  13. These are sooo gorgeous!
    They're literally gonna go with so many autumn outfits :)

  14. wooow, they are gorgeous!! I love Jeffrey Campbells soooo much, I have a black imitation pair, but who can say no to better than half price JC shoes?! I might have to get myself down to office...
    Eleanor x

  15. OMG, you got such a great deal :D i've been lusting over some Jeffery Campbells for the longest time now and i'm off to check out the Office website to see what i can get my hands on haha

    Just stumbled across you blog and i love it! It so cute and loved reading through your posts, so i'm your newest follower :D hope you'll stop by and take a peek through mine :D


  16. AHHH! I need these. I absolutely love my black pair and these are just amazing

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  17. Died and gone to heaven. I love Burgundy. I want some now :o