Thursday, 13 September 2012

Dream Birthday Wishlist

Hello there you lovely chaps!

With my birthday is well on the way (this Monday) I thought it'd be apt to compile a list of dream birthday lust items. Of course in my true spirit it is a compilation of bits which contribute to my deepest desires in a 'no budget' sense so allow me to indulge!

2. Alexander Mcqueen Scarf
3. Marc Jaobs Dot Eau De Parfum
4. Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder
5. Alexander Wang Rocco Bag
6. Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watch
7. Zara Plaited Shopper Bag

  1. Weirdly I am currently saving for some Chrisian Laboutins for my graduation. I worked through the entirety of my years of university and I guess they will be a present to myself. My poor boyfriend doesn't understand why they are more special than any other shoe bless him and thinks I am a deranged woman!
  2.  I would love an Alexander Mcqueen scarf because I think it is one of those investment pieces that can be worn over a multitude of outfits and is a very iconic accessory. 
  3. Silly with the Dot Marc Jacobs perfume I am just fascinated by the packaging it is such a lovely bottle to have in my collection.
  4. The Chanel Poudre Universelle looks like a fabulous product. When I start my new job I will need my makeup to last all day and I think a dusting of this would help in elongating the durability of my makeup....and who can resist its luxurious packaging?
  5.  The Alexander Wang Rocco bag is one of my biggest lusts. Especially with an autumn obsessed with studs this bag is the epitome of this trend. I know Laura aka Buy now Blog Later has recently bought one, and ever since her faux purchase I have been consumed with lust ever since.
  6. I feel a bit naughty putting this watch in my lust list because I already have a lovely Michael Kors watch...but I just love the idea of owning a beautiful rose gold version.
  7. I have asked my lovely boyfriend for this bag. Apart from being a complete cult blogger bag I love its structure and of course that its huge. I am a big bag woman at the end of the day.
So there it is!
What items would be in your dream lust list?



  1. This is pretty much my dream wishlist too!!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. What a fab birthday wish list! I hope you get it all!



  3. rose gold watch from MK is amazing! GET THAT ONE! - and if you don't - throw a massive tantrum =D xx

  4. I would love the Michael Kors watch, its something I will probably never get though.

  5. I don't think any man understands the importance of a pair of Louboutins! Tell him to try living without his xbox (or whatever, I don't pay attention to them any more, aha) and then he might have some kind of idea! x

  6. Great post and great taste! Followed you after the #bbloggers chat!

    Love Lilla x

    My Blog - Lilla Loves

  7. LOVE number 7!

  8. I love the watch<3 I really like it but the only thing I would actually buy from this list is the Perfume:3