Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shoes & Sole – Making A Difference With Your Feet

Hey guys today is a little different to the usual type posts. 
Regardless it supports a good cause and I hope this leaves you inspired when thinking about fundraissing!

Charity shops help shoppers to turn old purchases into money for vulnerable people and animals, although you can do plenty by simply using your own feet.
Filling up bags with your old clothes and dropping them off at charities is an easy way to help groups raise funds. Another way for charities to increase donations is to give vulnerable people a living wage to create quality goods. This is how Soul of Africa works, by helping to provide incomes to families affected by Aids in South Africa.

Run around
In this way feet can be a great asset! But you can also help to raise funds using your feet – and not just by donating your pre-loved shoes. Fundraising can be fun, but you need right shoes to fit the activity. Sponsored runs are a straightforward way to boost funds for your favourite charity. Contact them first to get the official go-ahead, then make a plan. Decide which terrain you'll be running on, and match it to the trainers you need. Off-road trainers with Gore-Tex will suit the committed runner, while lightweight kinds are good for a gentle jog.

Silent disco
Raising money for charity doesn't have to be a test of your stamina that leaves you breathless – a silent disco gives you the chance to boost funds at your own pace. These events involve party-goers wearing headphones linked to DJs. Silent discos are taking off round the globe as they give revellers a different kind of night out, and they make quirky fund raising nights. Organise the night and put a small charge on the door for charity. Dance the night away, but if you're in it for the whole evening, make sure your feet are comfy in soft leathers in foot friendly styles like Clarks womens shoes.