Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MAC Giveaway Winner :)

Hey there you cheeky cheeky lot.
Phew I'm having a whirlwind of a week.

I'm just popping on here to announce my MAC Giveaway winner.
Thank you so much to all that entered and for your feedback I appreciate those of you that took the time to enter....lots and lots mwah!

The winner is:


I will tweet you Laura and congrats :)
You now need to make the painstaking choice between Angel and Hue.....oooh decisions decisions.

I have an interview tomorrow (aaahhhh! wish me luck)
But until then Ill be back soon with a wonderful Clinique product rave....trust me its mega.

Catch you all super soon, big love!


  1. yayy thank youu :) so excited!!!

    good luck tomorrow!! xxx

  2. What a great sample size. It lasted you a great amount of time - so you could really make a decision if it was working before buying a full size.