Sunday, 5 August 2012

DIY Studding: Craft From A Novice.

Happy Sunday everyone!
Phew is Monday tomorrow already? Where has this week gone?

I write this post with great pride in showing you how some cheapy ebay studs can transform an outfit....and its actually quite fun.

You may remember last Sunday I wrote a stud and spikes posts.
Well after loads of putting it off I finally got some studs on Ebay and started studding away myself.....and I really enjoyed it!

The top image is some cut off high waisted levis I got from Ebay a while ago.
I'm planning on wearing these babies to Creamfields and think the added studding brings the shorts bang on trend. I did also stud the back but my camera doesn't seem  to have kept that image.

Secondly I studded a denim sleeveless jacket I got form Primark last year. I also studded the shoulders too. I wore this loads last year and hope to rekindle this love with its added stud effect.

What I both like is the uniqueness of the two items. Generally studded items are always more expensive because their so fiddly.
To put it into perspective studded levis usually sell for about £35-£45
wheas as cut offs they sell between £15-£25.
Its a little crazy really!

I got my studs from this Ebay Seller I paid £3.49 for 50 pieces of 9mm studs.
If you have time on your hands however there are other sellers out there (usually from China/Hong Kong) who sell for an even cheaper price.

I really hope this post inspires you!
Myself I am as far removed from "arty and crafty" as they there really is hope for us all!

Have you ever considered studding yourself?

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  1. wow they look so cool! i am definitely going to try this!! great post xx

  2. LOVE! Was just thinking last night that I need to order some studs and other little things for DIY :) xx


    i just did my vest and i am in love - check out my latest post :) love it on denim, i may have to try that next!

    xxx emma

  4. I know a few people that have done this to their clothes. Loving it :)

  5. I really want to get crafty too, especially with studs as everything already studded is so pricey. Yours looks great! :)


  6. What a great DIY, thank you :D

    Love Lian -

  7. super neat and cute! i love diy's. cute blog girl :)

  8. Super cute top. Looks great paired with the denim shirt!

  9. I stud my clothes all the time! It's such a cool way to re-vamp old or boring pieces! xx

  10. Looks great, almost as if you had bought them that way. =]

  11. They look really nice :) xxx

  12. fab idea!