Monday, 24 October 2011

Whatcha Doing Saturday Night Girl OOTD

Hello lovelys! Im baaaack :)

Last week was a good week and this is predominantly for one reason...good ol PayDay!
So with the money burning a hole in my pocket I had a little online window shop....and AGAIN I am disappointed with ASOS' current collection!

Mainly because of the SHEER EXPENSE! pheww!
But theres nothing really catching my eye.

Fear not!
 It was with this I had a peek on the Miss Selfidge site. 
They are really doing it for me at the moment its all going on over there, and of course with my student discount I was lured in completely.

I bought some what I describe as "Kitty pants"...if anyone is watching UK XFactor you know what I mean.
Yes these are probably my most daring purchase this year...eeek!
But I think why the hell not if I cant pull them off in a club at 22 then am never gonna.... right?
needless to say they tags are staying on till the fateful night I actually don them!

I bought a vest from Miss Selfridge which is affiliated with the Saturdays.
These are a couple to choose from.
In all honestly I'm not a crazed Saturdays fan of any sort I just kinda liked the slogan making it a transitional evening/daytime vest...and I love vests full stop. If theres anything Ill never have too many of its vests.
Along with that Ive finally got me some wine....leggings. I ummed and arred whether to go wine jeans or leggings but leggings won due to their versatility. I have great things im mind for the leggings..jumper cardigan combos over A/W etc.
The jacket with this outfit is my beloved equestrian jacket.
Yes an actual equestrian jacket.
After browsing for a quilted jacket I found them all rather overpriced so had a glance on eBay where I found this little number. I wore it to V festival and in the evenings it kept me so warm.
The jacket features two deep pockets and a button up front, its lining is a lovely check design and I am very happy with this purchase, certainly one of my better choices! I cant seem to find the same one as mine but theres is a nice alternative here

Jacket: Ebay
Leggings: Miss Selfridge
Vest: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: ASOS
Watch: Michael Kors
Hair: mental and untamed!

In other news:
I am off all week, this means more posts and lots of uni work to do.

My boyfriends cat had kittens a while ago, out of the 4 a total of 3 have been sold. I am desperately trying to persuade his mum to keep the last kitten. We have called her Tinker and she is beautiful. She slept on me all Saturday afternoon and is so little and gorgeous!

Trying some toffee apple cupcakes this week a la This Morning if anyone was watching it!

Must get to gym must get to gym!

Enjoy your week lovelys!


  1. I love Miss Selfridge too, so many nice things! I actually bought the skirt version of those shorts the other week, love them! I agree about ASOS, their prices have grown alongside their popularity! I remember when it actually used to be reasonably priced! xx

  2. Ooh, brave with the shorts/hotpants but you're absolutely right, go for it! I think they look hot! =p

    ~ Lauren <3

  3. Nice leggings, and I love the jacket! :)

    xx Jessica

  4. i love th shirt! so awesome, and btw, loved your blog!

  5. Love the leggings! I need some in that color. Great blog! Following:)

  6. You look gorgeous! Love your taste in clothes! :)

  7. I love this outfit, especially the leggings, I love anything wine colour this year!
    Lucy x

  8. Damn right, I'm sure you'l look hot in them. Love your jeans :) kittttahhs so cute!!! xx

  9. omg that kitten is too cute ! love the outfit too x

    Verity x

  10. I like the t-shirtmore.You really look cute with this

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